Coffee Geek and Friends

Coffee Geek and Friends

Serious about coffee

We proudly serve and sell specialty grade coffee from the London based roastery - Allpress Espresso. Their seasonal offerings are sourced from small farms and cooperatives from around the globe. This means, the growers benefit greatly from direct trade. Allpress’ legendary 'Redchurch' Espresso Blend (Our house blend) makes for a well-balanced espresso and perfect partner to dairy and alternative milks (Soy, Almond, Coconut or Oat). Their unique single-origin beans work amazingly for our drip filter, cold brew and Aeropress coffees.
Yes, we also offer decaf; The Dalston decaffeinated espresso blend definitely holds it’s own against its caffeinated counterpart. Some consider its taste to be superior. You judge for yourself!

Coffee menu

Excellent taste is our passion

Showcasing specialty coffee of high quality and excellent taste is our passion. Guest roasters are regularly featured for both espresso and filter. Not to name drop, but… Square Mile, Ozone, Dark Arts, Assembly and Workshop have all had their time in our limelight. Coffee Geek’s baristas strive to ensure that every espresso shot is consistently delicious and well rounded. A great many tasting hours have been spent in pursuit of recipe perfection.
Top of the range equipment such as: La Marzocco Linea PB 2 and 3 groups, Nouva Simonelli Mythos One and Mazzer Kold grinders ensure we really brew it justice too!